Susan Smith French Country Cards  

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Referencing the styles below, Susan Smith French Country Cards are available in these combinations:
(a) 1 of each card - 12 total: (b) 2 of each card without a message - 12 total. Each of these alternatives -
(a) or (b) - is $15.00 including shipping and handling. Card size is 5in x 7in. Envelopes are included.
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Boulangerie (Bakers Shop)
Message: "Loaves of Love"

Fleurs (Flowers)
No Message

Tete-A-Tet (PrivateConversation)
No Message

Vas-Y (Go For It)
No Message

Agneau (Lamb)
Message: "Enjoy The Wonders
 of Your New Baby"


Bon Jour (Good Day)
Message: "Have A Good Day
On Your Birthday"

Chanteurs (Singers)
Message: "Your Birthday!
Something To Crow About"

            Printemps (Spring)
No Message

Le Chat Blanc (The White Cat)
No Message

Two Cows
Message: "Another Birthday?
On You It Looks Good"

Hide & Seek
Message: "I'm Glad I Found You"

     Allez, Allez, Allez (Go, Go, Go)
No Message