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  DESCRIPTION     Turn your child's art into notecards  
  DETAILS     First, I scanned the photos on our printer/scanner. I then used Photoshop to
size and crop the images, including the card-back images/name. Note: any photo processing application can be used.

I've had the best luck printing using Word rather than through Photoshop or
Windows Preview, so that it doesn't mess with resizing the images to fit
the printer paper. So I rotated the images on their sides in Photoshop. I
then pasted the front and back images into Word, side-by-side so that the
images came out correctly when I folded the paper. I sent them through the
printer, and then rotated the page and sent them through again so that I got
two cards per page. (I could probably print both cards on a page at a time
if I replicated the images on the page in Word.)

It takes a little fiddling to make sure the images come out centered
properly, since many of the images are different dimensions (depending upon
the paper your child uses for their artwork.) I used Avery Note Cards paper stock,
which is perforated for printing two cards per page. I actually use a
paper-cutter for a cleaner edge, but use the perforated mark as a guide.
The note cards come with envelopes, so the rest is putting them together
however you want to present them.
  AGE RANGE     5 to 15 and up  
  GENDER     All  
  SEASONAL     No -  
  MATERIALS NEEDED     Avery Note Card stock  
  SKILLS NEEDED     Use of computer  
  TIME TO PREPARE (Minutes)     30  
  MY RATING (1-10)     10  
  ALL RATINGS (1-10)                                                                                                Rating Formula   
  NAME     Amy Spangler  
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